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"Environmental Films For Schools... for FREE!"

At Schoolyard Films...

…we believe that educating today’s students about the natural world–and the challenges it faces–is of critical importance to tomorrow’s healthy environment.  Our films are produced specifically for use in K-12 classrooms, and each one comes with three study guides for teachers, which correspond to state and national science standards. 

We offer 100% of our work free of charge to students and teachers throughout the nation.  Ultimately, we hope to educate and inspire, while promoting environmental awareness and good stewardship of the planet.

Schoolyard Films is a 501(c)3 educational charity, so all donations in support of our work are tax-deductible.  As a nonprofit we count on community support to make our beautiful, educational, environmental films and share them with the world.   If you would like to help support Schoolyard Films, please join the effort! (PayPal Link) 



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