What We're Working On....

Our latest film, Coral Reef Rescue, is in editing right now. Here's a sneak preview... 

One of the world’s most important environmental resources is seriously endangered. Coral reefs: 

  • are home to 25% of all marine species

  • protect the coastlines of more than 100 countries

  • provide 500 million people with jobs.

Yet this vital resource is dying off at an unprecedented rate due to warming oceans and pollution.  

Time for Coral Reef Rescue! 
Schoolyard Films will take you diving off the Florida Keys with scientists and volunteers trying valiantly to save the reefs before it’s too late. The team has developed methods that may lead the world in the speedy and efficient growth and replanting of coral. What nature has taken hundreds of years to form, we may now repair in two or three years. We’ll show you how!  

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